Miss Fashionetta

Program Description

Miss Fashionetta began in the 1986 and was originally held during Black History Month. Sister Mary Williams served as the first Miss Fashionetta Chairman.  Since its inception, this community program has continued to grow and flourish as Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Incorporated, Bakersfield, CA chapter works to inspire and mentor young girls and young women as they advance from high school to college.  This program supports their scholarship and future academic endeavors in post secondary education. In 2016 we were proud to begin partnering with Bakersfield Ivy Legacy Foundation to sponsor this great community event.

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Miss Fashionetta Programs

  • 2018 – Pearls of Beauty and Educational Excellence
  • 2016 – Reflections of Pearls & Ivy
  • 2014 – Girls to Pearls (20th Presentation)
  • 2012 – Shining Pearls of Excellence and Elegance
  • 2010 – Emeralds, Sapphires and Pearls A Showcase of Precious Gems

The Miss Fashionetta 2010 Program was dedicated to our beloved chapter charter member Wilma Chapple Anderson Wright

  • 2007 – Pageantry of Precious Pearls
  • 2005 – Showcase of Beauty, Talent and Culture
  • 2003 – Catch the Spirit
  • 2001 – Miss Fashionetta
  • 1999 – Young, Gifted & Black…Faces of the New Millennium
  • 1997 – Reflections of Natural Excellence
  • 1995 – A Decade of Pride and Joy
  • 1994 – Revisiting Our Past: Strengthening Our Future
  • 1993 – Kwanzaa 93: Celebration!
  • 1992 – Sophisticated Attitudes
  • 1991 – Ebony Pearls of Beauty
  • 1990 – Visions of Beauty and Excellence
  • 1989 – Looking Beyond Tomorrow
  • 1988 – Miss Fashionetta
  • 1987 – Miss Fashionetta
  • 1985 – Dream Girls


Miss Fashionetta Ads and Tickets are sold via www.missfashionetta.com , directly from a participant or chapter member. Always request a receipt to ensure contributions are received and used for intended purposes. Tickets purchased from a participant increase her scholarship. Tickets purchased from a chapter member increase the number of scholarships given to Kern County Students.