Sorors, using the PayPal feature, there is a $5 surcharge fee for each transaction.  Dues are scheduled as follows:
***NOTE*** A $20 LATE fee MUST be added, since the deadline has passed!
Graduate dues: $325 =$300 + $5 fee + $20 LATE FEE
Life Members dues: $235 =$210 + $5 fee + $20 LATE FEE
Any other amount must include a $5 charge, due to the fact that $5 will be deducted from each payment as a service charge.
Be sure to indicate your name, amount and description for each payment.
You may enter your payment amount using this button.
REMINDER:  Please manually add a $5 surcharge to each transaction.  For example, $300 dues would equate to a $305 charge.  Thank you, Sorors!